Website Design

Given today's vast array of devices, at Decisive Computing, we design every website with a "mobile first" mentality to ensure that your online presence will look as good on a smartphone and tablet as it will on a desktop computer. While this may not be a groundbreaking approach, what truly makes us unique is our interactive design process.

Rather than simply presenting you with a design and filling in the content, we work very closely with you to make sure the design accurately reflects the personality of your firm. How do we manage that? We get to know you first! Only once we understand your business model, character and your position amongst your competitors will we begin to build your website.

The construction process typically consists refining one of two or three possible graphic layouts. We then work closely with you to create engaging content that reads well while still allowing SEO to work properly. Finally, we tie these pieces together with our unique Decisive CMS content management system to give you the ability to edit content now and in the future without needing to involve us.