Application Integration

Does your accounting system not communicate with your inventory software? Does your CRM not readily accept information from your website's customer contact database? Whatever the case may be, we can help disparate applications speak to each other.

Case Study - PDF Document Creator

A bankruptcy law firm has a practice management system that contains a complex array of data about each of their clients. The data is stored in a dynamic manner meaning that each client can have different data points based on certain settings. One thing that is constant between clients, though, are the documents needed to communicate with county government entities and courts. 

We were called in to create a system that could, with the entry of a client matter number and the selection of a few check boxes, create one or more documents in a matter of seconds (a process that previously would have taken several minutes to an hour).

Our solution allows the client to create a PDF file with form fields in each area requiring information. The PDF is then uploaded into our system and mapped using a graphical interface directly to data points in the case management system. Then, when the front-end is executed by entering a matter number the selected document(s) know what data are needed and merge that directly onto the PDF file resulting in a document that is ready to be sent out via email, mail, or fax.