Database Administration

At Decisive Computing, we can help you plan and configure a new SQL Server installation to maximize performance and up-time while considering you needs and budget. No single installation is identical so we leverage our knowledge of hardware, software, and data integrity to guide you through the process.

Upgrades and new installations present difficult decisions: stay on-premises, leverage the Cloud or combine the two. We have experience with SQL Server in single-presence and hybrid environments and can assist with your planning and implementation.

For existing installations we can bring relief where others have thrown in the towel. Performance issues can arise months or sometimes years after going online. We can help analyze your workload and dig deep into SQL Server to discover performance bottlenecks. We have been known to take queries lasting thirty (30) minutes or more down to mere seconds!

With DBA-level knowledge that spans 20 years, we are highly qualified and our personable demeanor will add comfort to an often stressful situation. Call us in today for a free consultation to see how we can help!