Decisive CMS™

Our unique Decisive CMS™ empowers our clients to modify website content at any time, from any web browser, anywhere in the world. The unique user interface works equally well on a smartphone as on a full PC.

Why invent our own CMS when so many exist already? Two reasons: ease of use and customization.

Ease of Use

We have encountered dozens of content management systems over the years and most are designed by programmers for programmers. We needed something that is incredibly easy for you, the non-programmer, to use. The screenshot below show just how easy it is - click the gears wherever you see them and you can now edit inline where the content actually goes with a preview of how it will look! Click save and the page will display your new content - it's as easy as that.


Since we have written every line of the Decisive CMS code using industry-standard Microsoft .net technology and the C# language, customization is incredibly easy. This means that if your website has a specific need that doesn't fit the built-in capabilities of the CMS we can easily tailor it to meet that requirement to keep it easy to use.

Almost more importantly, since we have written every single line of code, should something ever go wrong within our CMS we can fix it, unlike those giant black-box systems.